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Released February 18, 2022


I have never been more proud of a collection of music. I wrote this album in the sand and rocks and trees and water of the San Juan Islands. My original plan was to work on an album this fall of music that has collected in my back pocket over the past few years, but then this summer happened, and I wrote more than I could have predicted or imagined. More than even fits on this album.


I hope you let this album take you to where it took me: to a railroad track deep in the North Cascades, to the pristine backroads of the middle of nowhere, to the breaking point, to the islands, to someone new, and to the bottom of the ocean. I’m right here with you, keeping me grip and holding your hand.


I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the most talented team of musicians that I had by my side, who not only made this possible, but who made it come to life.

Charlie Burket- production, co-engineering, mixing, mastering, banjo, mandolin, strings, guitar

Justin Livingston- co-engineering

Jake Michne- bass

Grace Harriet- vocals and co-writing

Kieran Rhodes- vocals

Liam Fagan- drums

Wyatt Moran- pedal steel guitar

Tyler DeTulleo- trumpet


I hope you all enjoy hearing these stories as much as I have loved telling them. I’m very happy that they have escaped their islands and made their way home with me.

Air Pressure
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